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You don't have projects for me to work on but you came here for work? Looking for paid translation project work as advertised?

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Sworn Dutch-German freelance translator urgently needed for immediate legal project. [August 2021]

We have an urgent need for a sworn Dutch-German freelance translator to translate a final report of a company bankruptcy with assets and property being dissolved in which we are directly involved as debtor and rightful claimant entitled to payouts of outstanding invoices for translation services already delivered but never paid.

So, in this case, it is not applying or working for other clients but helping us here get our money from that Belgian company which is based in Flanders with official languge accepted in court being Dutch hence the need for a Dutch-German sworn translator so we can lay claims before a Brussels court. It is a six-page listing of assets together with legal texts. From a company formerly based in Flanders, in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Anybody out there? Any sworn Dutch-German tranlsator? Access to the documents on the FTP site is granted instantly.

As with all of the projects below in the ftp work space this is **NOT** a prospective job, the documents are already here and we need a certified translation to continue to apply at court to get our unpaid invoices for translation services already delivered. As the bankruptcy case is already opened we need translation services immediately to be able to claim our money. Due to direct involvement with courts we are **NOT** accepting applications from agencies or translator referred to us by agencies but need a sworn translator work directly with us. Due to the nature of legal procedures at court we have an urgent need to find a sworn translator shortly since claims must be filed while court proceedings are still on-going. We need a translator immediately before any losses can be written off and we never get our money back which we are entitled to. The six pages of that initial bankruptcy case can be seen below. Not much at that point but we need to kick-start to get the ball rolling. More exchange with the bailiffs, 'curators' and liquidators and the courts very likely to ensue. We need written proof of applicants that they are sworn and accepted before a Belgian court of law, that the certification is valid in Belgium even if sworn translator is registered in the Netherlands or is living or has the business registered elsewhere than in Belgium. We have a dire need for a sworn translator working directly for this money to recuperate who is accepted in a Belgian court of law as all insolvency is being dealt with before Belgian jurisdiction. Send your registration that you are sworn and accepted before a Belgian court. [note added: August 2021]

Industry projects for freelance translators (only freelancers may apply to collaborate, no agencies!)


These are 76 (seventy-six) real projects from clients directly sent to me which I was working on in the past. Direct contacts to industry end clients. These are not re-posts of jobs that are already advertised elsewhere on other platforms or given by other agencies and not randomly copied off the internet. I do not push projects from agencies around. Bidding strictly not open for agencies, intermediaries or other traders. Do only apply if you are a translator fulltime, not a hobby translator/housewife who wants to make a few bucks on the side and not if you are holding a fulltime day job doing anything else and think you can translate a bit after work to relax. Remember: This is not work from agencies I have been given before but projects I have contracted myself by having invested personal savings and own money. None of those projects is outdated, has already been done as clients are very cautious about whether, to what extent, how much and at what expense they think about branching out and actively commissioning translators. It follows, that due to the nature of these 'virgin projects' with clients entering the market, special care and diligence should be given to the quotations. Clients want to see what they pay for. As is the case with industry clients (in contrast to privately-owned agencies, snowball intermediaries and state officials who always ALWAYS squeeze out the last cent out of a supplier's efforts for alleged cost-saving reasons, only to stash the profits themselves) not the cheaptest price or as some say the "best price" (whatever that means) is important but no-nonsense approach with a pricing that reflects the time and effort put into delivering quality translation. Clients want to trust you and will pay good money if you are worth it. For that reason only seasoned and experienced translators with a background can apply. You don't have to be employed in the corporate world beforehand but YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU WRITE in your quotation.

There are briefings in each project folder of what deliverables are expected.

Celebrating my 20th anniversary as a translator I am changing the way projects are dealt with: Instead of copying the same wrong agency franchise system over collecting word prices first for yet non-existing projects or for work that they do not allow you to look at and assess first I am showing you the work to be done beforehand (the way I always want it agencies to do but this is being refused) and you give me an overall price based on the actual work which you see first. No guesswork, no Pied Piper strategies, no requests for you to send in fuzzy matches, wordprices. Make sure you meet all the criteria described in the document "READ THIS FIRST__Notes for quoting on projects" when applying. Send your translator's graduation certificate and all the info as described in the document. These projects are for all Benelux, Southern European PIGS countries (also Turkish, Croatian and countries neighbouring the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas) and Eastern European as well as Baltic and Scandinavian languages. Send your translator's credentials, graduation certificates etc. You can browse through the industry projects already with the access data above, view them, and send in a quotation of costs. The technical manuals from the industry are already accessible now.

We do not take any commission or dealer's fee for making these projects available but hope the end clients will give us more projects, too. For a detailled overview and the flow of the project breaken down into individual steps see this chart. No need trying to poach the clients by directly contacting them and trying to undercut by suggesting them nonsencial word prices, come through us. It took me twenty years to reach out to those clients, many times, several times, continuously and only recently have they given me a chance as they have tested me beforehand. If you try to contact them you will screw it up and destroy the trust I have built up with them. If you want something similar, then shy away from those clients above but do your own marketing and attract your own projects. There is a total of 76 (seventy-six) individual projects mainly technical and industrial, most still open to quote on, some brandnew (newest is from April 2020 and we've only just begun), two or three have expired, companies have closed down in the last 6 months and are no longer open for quotation.
Students who are currently enrolled may not take part in quoting on these projects but can look at real work that they can expect later to work on. For them the repository is for educational purposes and to see what will hit them when they enter the workforce. Just ask and students will be granted access to older projects that have expired and are save and free to look at.

Needless to say that you must not post the projects elsewhere, on other platforms or job boards on the internet. Do only use these files for preparing a quote or read them. Do not re-post or publish elsewhere.

Quite a bunch of people (responses: 12 in total) on a truly international project team level have expressed interest in working remotely and online-based on above projects (so far eleven new translators/linguists - four males, seven females, makes eleven yeas) and have successfully submitted their applications and sent in their CVs. Now, it is for the clients to decide how to test them and who gets work if the clients give the green light to go ahead.


All content made available, manuals and projects offered in the repository do not contain any information of any worth or have been anonymized where personal data might point to individuals. Technical spec sheets and drawings to re-build stuff were, of course, deleted.

Individuals or agents currently employed full time and/or in an insured job in the industry or in an affiliated company are strictly and without exception not allowed to take part and will not be considered. See above document also for needed qualifications and exclusion of vocational evening courses, company sponsored further education degrees, private schools or colleges or chamber of industry-issued certified foreign language correspondence clerk accreditations. Those cannot be considered due to lack of clients' strict demands towards background, education, experience.

Apply with us directly, not through staffing agencies as we do not pay such agencies commission. There are only two places where you could have seen these projects: here on this site and in one other particular place. We do not collaborate with online staffing or recruitment agencies or job boards on the internet who might have ripped this information and published it for their own profit in their staffing agency.

Note that apart from one project all of those listed are from direct industry end clients, corporates, SMBs but none from European Union tendering processes. I have been participating with the directorate of translating in Kirchberg but those projects here have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with anything that has been decided on or has been published on higher administrative levels in Brussels or Luxembourg. In fact, as a direct imminent hit from the Brexit and the UK's leaving the mainland Europe economic area, trade area and all the consequences arising from that about three thousand of English speaking native English employees in the Brussels European Union bureaucratic machine have lost their jobs and there is no need really for any English to mainland European langauges translation project or tenders as the British do not want to trade any longer with mainland Europe. If you want to get jobs through the European Union directorate of translation and want to go that route then you must apply with them directly and follow their rules. Here, all clients have been won over, contacted directly with absolutely no interference from any bureaucratic machine but with common sense, human-face to face interaction and a no-nonsense approach. Everything you work on here, all you see here has absolutely nothing to do with politics made in Brussels and no other state or authoritarian intervention. This is as close to the free market economy you can get. This is the biggest freedom I can give to you and allow you a fair shot of winning over and work on those projects. This is absolutely 100 per cent the real deal and not what some official, politican or Brussel plutocrat or bureaucrat dictates you to do.

Due to recent developments and a stern warning to those immigrating: These projects are not suited for and industry clients will not allow immigrants and boat people to work on such projects for reason of extremely high demands to quality and command of the language plus translatory skills. Many immigrants and boat people have expressed their wish to go to school in Europe, learn languages to work as translators to help their families financially, send money home or help with translations for helping their families to immigrate. Industry clients will not give work to such lay man translators. State departments and officials are by law not in a position to give immigration documents to lay man translators. There are no jobs for immigrants here in languages and translation. Don't underestimate such projects, I have only been granted access and was able to work on such projects after twenty years in business and after having invested heavily, after having gone through further education, after two decades of working in this job. Don't underestimate translation, this is not a profession for lay man translators who learn a language and think they can make money as soon they leave school. Industry demands are extremely strict, very high in regards to quality. You cannot deliver satisfactory quality after you've learnt a language, it takes decades to deliver what industry clients are satisfied with and pay you for. These projects are not for immigrants and boat people! Politicans should stop advocating immigration when there will be no jobs, industry and business will not give you translation work. That is a fact, that is the truth. Don't let politicans lure you into coming here when industry wil not be able to give you jobs for reason of lack of experience, knowledge, background, suitability. Subsidies for foreign aid and to develop countries are heavily reduced. Don't think you can come here, work in translation or do something with languages to be appointed an ambassador or work in foreign aid. This will not happen, translation is not a stepping stone to move up on the career ladder. It should be brought to immigrants' attention that they are stranded here and will not get such translation projects from industry. Translation is not a source of easy income to feed you or to send money back home or to bring more immigrants' families here. Communicate to your families that there is far less work for immigrants than politicans make you believe. Translation is NOT an entry point to employment here in Germany, it is not fast and easy money you can make!

Above projects are solely for translators that, by industry demands and stipulations as described in above document, meet their requirements. This has nothing to do with politics, I am completely blind, this is the reality of how industry and business has changed over the last two decades and what clients nowadays want, not what I've come up with. Don't come to Germany if you don't have a job, nobody will give you work here. You stand a much better chance to get a job, paid work if you go to Belfast, Ireland where the Game of Thrones production HQ is and work in a minor role, a walk-on part. Alternatively, go to Bollywood or Hollywood for similar roles. You most certainly get a job there easier as an immigrant than in translation.

But on a more serious note again:

You are absolutely not interested in those projects or clients I have dug out and want to pursue your own way. It is an unwritten but rather blatantly universal truth that English is the de facto official langauge used throughout science, R & D departments within academia, i.e. the academic world, universities, affiliated research institutes, testing and development labs in companies. A lot of science that is being devised, tested and built as a model as a simulation within a university framework or in a university-affiliated research lab, be it the more groundwork science or newer science like IT, robotics, etc. is, admittedly sometimes built as a playground but more often has the aim of being implemented and eventually sold to the 'real industry world' so it is being given, after having been tested by state supervisory authorities and state testing labs or such labs commissioned by the state, to corporates in the real world, to industry giants, to any sector that deems its purpose fit for use in their production or supply chains, be it automotive, pharmaceutical, engineering, software or agricultural corporates.

English being the de facto universally used langauge in this isolated and boxed world of academia, science and research and development makes such branches affiliated to university and research very attractive to be targetted as potential clients where translation and language projects might be given out since the model built, the simulation devised, the gadget engineered when all the team was conversing in English will eventually have to be explained to German state inspections and testing authorities, has to be laid before as an German text (i.e. translation) to be approved to be safe to humans, animals and not be harmful to the environment. Vice versa for science projects between other mainland European states where the document filed with a standardization institute or another state testing and approving body has to be translated into the respective target langauge of where such an invention, patent, improvement in production or quality etc. will be filed (so a translation into French for French approval, into Dutch for use and approval with the Dutch state etc.). Universities are places with virtual limitless funds and budgets as science and research is completely uninhibited. Academia is so interwoven and networked that teams of persons of all colour, race and from basically all over the academic world work on projects where the main means of communicating is English. Sounds to me there is vast and huge potential for translating stuff, thesis, academic papers, research papers, patent filings etc. from English into your respective language.

How to get hands on such projects? As you know academia is a world of its own, very isolated, and although free-wheeling and liberate in research and learning, still very controlled and in certain circles. It is not so easy to just write to universities and expect a lot of work since most projects are done in secrecy and with a competitive mindset for the fame and honour of the university. It is fierce competition and if you are an outsider chances are they won't let you in and won't share work, academic papers to translate. There is the old conflict where I have been told endlessly, no we (at universities) don't need a translator, all of our researchers and professors speak many languages very well and translate it all by themselves. Plus, for reasons of competition and danger of secrets being leaked nothing of such research information or papers is given out to third parties. Univerities do NOT employ translators as permanent members of staff. Sometimes, as was in my case, you are hired and paid as a lowly paid student helper, a temp, a student worker on two hundred or so Euros per month only hired on a per-needed basis. If at all, when you are young, expect the worse! Expect to be exploited even in university where it ought to be fairer as you ought to trust an old professor who has long been in the saddle and in control. There is another mounting problem with such translations from academia: Since the research is intercultural and between Western and Eastern states, more liberal and "democratic" and more authoritarian states there is, sad to say, always hanging the sword of Damocles hanging over such research projects that the end result will be sold and misused for military uses, surveillance, mass survaillance. Many of the initial project work done with good intentions albeit somehow with a gullible belief in orders and targets from above is often just groundwork for an authoritarian system and its military applications. This is hard facts as you can hear in these radio interviews where the danger of "dual use" has been researched a lot with really frightening insights: (Radio reports in German, May 2002, radio station "Deutschlandfunk")

1) a

2) b

3) c

4) d

5) e

So, how can you get a part of the pie, get on such research teams, work on such projects without being drawned into something that others might frame you a spy? One solution is to contact the "MAD, militärischer Abschirmdienst" in Cologne and apply to be checked out by them. Maybe that helps that a university hands out such projects to work and translate on. Courts in my experience are pretty indifferent. You old lecturer or professor from uni won't be able to help as they are most likely not on the same project team. If your parents are themselves working as clerks, with any of the forces (armed forces, police etc.) it will not grant you access or a security clearance for anything. It might sound completely ridiculous but contacting a state body in your own state and explain the situation and apply for some sort of "security clearance" to be able to be considered that such texts be sent to you and you can translate them is not something far fetched. It might give the project team or the person in charge a sense of security that no information be leaked since somebody also takes care that you are not tempted to sell secret research information. And, of course, you must not share such research papers. Here is the address in Cologne, Germany of that body you can contact and explain why you are contacting them and for what purpose and reason. As you see I wrote in to them also. Whether it raised my chances to get some sort of clearance to be considered then for translation projects from academia and research labs I still cannot tell.

Now, seen in the light and in the context of the radio interviews all this naive German behaviour of Germans universities with Chinese research projects I fear that above project #16 (IT infrastructure, suveillance in equatorial Guinea, Africa) I was working on did not help Africa to build a modern, Western style city but actually helped the Chinese authoritarian state to introduce a mass surveillance of the citizens there to assess them with a Chinese-style social credit point system (just research that term on the internet and you will be shocked!). Now I feel ashamed to have been forced to work on such projects, forced because I have to earn money to pay bills, until I couldn't pay anymore and the bailiffs told me literally that they "don't fucking care", so forced to work for such authoritarian regimes and still have lost all myself. Y'know what I mean? Nobody fucking cares, everyone and all suck you out until you cannot pay anymore, you help to build up but not always for good causes and then your own state puts you in prison. So, can I say the German state system is closer to Chinese authoritarian systems and far far away from a liberal market economy? Are there ties to tight on the state and university state levels that you are bound to fail, failing to be able to pay your bills, so the German state is a slave to the Chinese system and also wants to supress its own German civilians, is there a parallel to the Chinese supressive system?

You are your own judge and make up your own mind! I am telling you: You can do all and try everything - until you can't pay anymore, THEN IS when you got to learn how the old man or the superiors in your own state treat you. THEN is when you learn in what country, state, system you really live!