Upload and file exchange via ftp


You have a translation project for me, a manual, a website, spec sheets, business reports, collaterals, software to localize then transfer all soruce files by email. Always send your source files first by email as I will have to look at them to be able to prepare a quotation of costs. You need not waste your time to call me for any prices without having shown me first what your project is as it is impossible to tell you a price for project work you don't allow me to look at first.

For easiest convinience send smaller text files by email to contact.

If you have bigger files, as it is often the case with manuals prepared in dtp programs, whole websites with all sub-structures, whole software applications to work on (translating or testing) then for such bigger-size files (e.g. dtp formats, whole applications,
media files) which are too big to be sent by regular email use the following
access information to transfer project files via ftp.

Contact me for access to the FTP project site. After careful consideration and checking of your credentials you get access to the project repository.

When uploading project files it is recommended that you create a folder or
directory being named with your company name, project name or client name
so that all files are located within one folder and can clearly be allocated to you.

When transmitting whole applications (executables), picture or media files
or dtp formats set the transmission mode to binary transmission.
If you upload pure text, html or uncompiled files (source codes) use ASCII mode
for the transmission mode.

If you are sending media files, videos, compiled software for reference purposes:

When you upload videos for voice-over projects the video itself should have the timecode incorporated and the text spoken in the video should be written out together with the timecode where it appears in the video.


Timecode in Video

Timecode mit Text

For proper translation of subtitles in videos the subtitles have to be written out in a text file together with the start and end timecodes when they appear and disappear in the videos.



vegies timecoded

Subtitles without the timecodes provided or voice-over projects without the accompanying video where the recorded audio track will be inserted cannot be accepted.

In case you want to transmit whole pc games via ftp for rewiew proofreading, gameplay testing:

If you provide software or computer games it has to be ensured that applications to be localized or reviewed are fully and flawlessly compiled.

In the case of computer games individual levels must be fully playable without faults or errors in displaying texts and without faulty gameplay. It must be possible to complete a mission or to defeat the last enemy in the final battle. To be able to do this and be able to test all software from beginning to end, I might need cheats, secret shortcuts integrated in the code to allow for jumping through levels, being able to spawn at different locations or to respawn behind an enemy, have unlimited energy, ammo etc.

The cheats will, of course, not be leaked but in order to test the game thoroughly before the final release to the consumers this is is only possible way to test it throughout and be able to deliver a quality product. The quality that you want!

Software or computer games which are not properly programmed or compiled will be rejected for localization, testing or review without further justification. You have to check on your side FIRST of whether your software (or projects you push around if you are an intermediary) is all good so I can work on it. I will not waste any more time on you intermediaries and nutwits pushing the rubbish onto me and let me waste my hours solely for having to deal with the shit you push around and me not be able to work on, lose my hours on pc crashes and impossible to install software leading to loss of my time and income.

You can play with your bugged software yourselves!

Examples which cannot be worked on and which I will have to reject:

Fehler 1

Fehler 2

Fehler 3

(Above screenshots are taken from the first version of "Left 4 Dead" during the testing and review stage with all software glitches included. I will not accept your badly programmed and wrongly compiled software again during translation or review phase as it caused my PC to crash constantly and had me work nightshifts on end to meet SDL's strict demands and deadlines without execpting my explanations or proof; where SDL United Kingdom stuffed that broken project down to SDL Munich's throat to let us German translators despair when translation out of context in a software that was a pre-pre-pre-pre release version with software bugs as seen. How can you translate such garbled texts? How should I do a review when I see that stuff above? This was not due to my PC being broken or not configured correctly, that was due to broken kaputt software SDL is handing down from their American clients to waste my time and get me in a situation where I cannot work and lose income for not being able to deliver and then they demanded this to be reviewed. Of course, you did not pay my hours SDL. You can kill your female zombies yourselves at SDL. And be careful of the witches! The zombies are out there and will probably infect you all at SDL...just like in that game. So, for you at SDL Trados in Bracknell and Stuttgart it is still a game? The blonde witch together with your other witches will wreak havoc and kills your applicants (as you witches have done with me at SDL Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK...) We know who you are and what you have done! We know you superrich brokers in Maidenhead and Bracknell! We know where you live and that you have played and destroyed our lives with no chance of income. Brits, stay away you have played foul foul game and we will not talk to you anymore! Do you think you can kill us German translators constantly and be paid by American sofware firms for doing so? Some sort of being payed for killing in the name of American software comanies? So, still a British lap dog, nothing more. But this time you've gone too far, Brits! One thing is for sure: You are now regarded as hostile enemies at SDL regardless of your testimony in court. They won't even put you into the Old Baylies but expell you to work in one of your former Empire and Commonwealth colonies, why not in former colony Kenya, or Yemen (what used to be British colony of Aden), South Africa or Australia? Just outsource all your projects to South Africa, the biggest market of mobile phones and cell phone app programming, probably bigger than China. But beware of those Zulu warriors who defeated you in South Africa in 1879. They will just oust you of England as they did in Victorian times with criminals, where you can start all over on a sheep farm in Australia. They will sell your mansion in Bracknell, close down your office in Maidenhead city centre, and sell your disguised "Boat House" production mansion by the Thames. And nobody will buy it. They will probably confiscate it and give it to some investor who you ruined in your stock brokering game in the City. They will prosecute and examine closely your ties to City of London stockbrokers and how you play with my time at the London stock exchange, selling my life and time in your SDL shares, a share price that goes down. They will make all of you work far away from home, in Yemen, Nigeria or some other lost place. You might never be allowed back into your country and have to live until the rest of your life in a foreign country. Maybe then you understand that you ought not fuck with translators and interpreters. And never ask an interpreter to help you. They might just as well not take your rich money but leave you out in the dessert! Just choose a destination from your 1897 "Empire Atlas, any place will be fine. And don't ask me for water when you get lost in the dessert. Just try to bullshit the African Zulus with your Trados shit, you can make millions in the aspiring market of the black continent - and you might even get knighted when you come back for saving, building up Africa, making India work - now former colonies become your friends again! You never know what your country will do to herald you, they might engulf you with liquid gold! Or crown you to be the new kings! You will see what you get when you retire.

There are various ways to transmit files via ftp. From a desktop PC or from mobile devices, tablets etc.

Using a more recent versions of Internet Explorer on a desktop PC or laptop:

1) Type in "" in the address bar of Internet Explorer.


2) You are then instructed to connect to the ftp host by clicking on "Page"
and at the very bottom of the drop down menu on "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer".


3) In order to access my ftp area and upload files go to "File" in the menu on top,
and click on "Login As".



4) A new dialog box appears where you are being asked to enter the above
access data to be granted access to the secure ftp site.

5) Trying to log in anonymously will not work, you need to enter above
password and username.


6) If done, you are in the secure ftp area where you can create a folder
or simply drag and drop your files or your project folders from anywhere
on your computer (either from the desktop or from within Windows Explorer
into the ftp area.


7) To leave the secure ftp area just close the window or go to "File" and choose "Close".






Using Mozilla Firefox on a desktop PC or laptop:

To use Firefox as an ftp client you need to install an ftp add-on first.

1) Click on "Tools" in the menu and choose "Add-ons".


2) A new tab will open where either a ftp add-on can be chosen and installed
or you type in "ftp" in the search box at the top right.

3) Add the "ftp" add-on and install it.


4) Firefox shuts down and will be restartet.

5) The add-on is then added to the menu "Tools" or in the menu "Tools" as
a branch entry under "Web Developer" at the very bottom of the drop down menu.


6) If you select the ftp add-on a new tab will open where you have to enter
above access data in the corresponding fields. Click on "(Create an account)" or "Edit"
to enter the access information above.



When clicking on "Connect", a direct ftp link will then be opened in a
two-pane window where you can simply drag and drop files or folders
from your computer on the left-hand side to the secure ftp area on the right.




7) To exit the ftp area click on "Disconnect" in the menu bar or simply close the Firefox tab.




Using other ftp clients:

There are various other ftp clients available, some for free, some as shareware or
with licences to pay for, other operating systems as Mac OSX, Linux or Solaris have
full ftp capability integrated.
These clients are commonly window/pane view file managers where you can drag
and drop files. The procedures to log on the ftp site is the same as above.
Choose the corresponding fields from the menus where you enter above access data
to connect to my ftp site.

Transfer or upload of bigger sized files via Android tablets and similar mobile devices


ftp auf android

Just as outlined above the same access data and password are being used. For Android devices there are many comfortable and free-of-charge ftp client software apps that can be installed on your tablet or mobile device easily. Just intall the app, enter the same access data as above, make sure WiFi is enabled and your device has wifi access and then connect to our ftp site. By the way: This is not a "cloud" somewhere in the world where power is being cut off randomly, all files you upload or download are being stored on a server located in Germany. Here are some hints for getting it right when configuring the ftp client app on mobile Android devices:

Set transfer mode to "passive",
choose "standard" or better "UTF-8, Unicode" as the correct character set,
uncheck/deselct option "resume, file resume",
sometimes the field "port" is greyed out; touch it and enter "21" for ftp port 21 manually.
Local folder: This is the folder where the downloaded files are stored on your device.
No need to enter anything in field "FTP folder", the client automatically connects to the file directory and a list of folders should appear (as shown in photo above or in screenshot below). Or you are connected to the root directory at top level where two pathways are possible for you to go:

"IN___your projects for me" (choose this if you want to UPLOAD files for me),


"OUT___project open for quotation" (if you want to work on projects, see below for more info).

(Screenshots show free-of-charge client app "AndFTP" for Android on tablets of differenz sizes.)

anmeldedaten android

Transfer of files via mobile devices or tablets should only be the last resort, the last option to choose. It is far better to work at a desktop PC as you see PDFs and websites in full size on a properly-sized screen correctly. For sheer transmitting of files a mobile tablet works.




In all cases let me know by regular email that you uploaded files
for quotation of costs of translation.

Send a notification informing me about your upload via email to contact . Also use this email if you want to send smaller texts for translation.