I am a trained and certified translator with English as my working language and with emphasis on technical translation/technical documentation as my area of expertise. You attain this qualification after successfully passing a corresponding educational institute which specializes in the education and training of aspiring students wanting to become conversant in a foreign language and translate for a living. After you have passed all the semesters and also succeeded in the final exam you get a state certificate issued detailling that you completed the training and also passed the final exam. You are then free to apply with companies and try your luck to get a job.

In my case, I went a state-controlled and government-regulated learning environment, not a private or privately funded school and no private college. There are, of course, countless private learning facilities, paid for and financed and subsidized from private investors, from the industry etc. but there is also the path to go to a facility which is affiliated with a university which is where I went to.

My qualification was awarded at a time long before Masters of Arts or Bachelor of Arts had been introduced where I graduated from.

In addition, I also studied for some time at a proper government-regulated university (with the aim of majoring in English while having Spanish and psychology as subsidiary subjects), to also gather more philological language knowledge at university level. I do, however, not translate from or into Spanish (not an active working language). In this case, it was also a state-controlled and government-regulated university, not a private university, not a private college or learning institute. It is notable that now, two decades after I got my exam, a lot of private and shady learning factories have mushroomed all over the world. You can also get a slip of paper and a sort of certificate from any facility, be it on the Bahamas or from a privately-funded school in India or China. A lot has changed since I underwent the drill and it is not so clear today, of whether all these learning schools all over the world can really prepare you for what will follow in your translator's career.

As I wanted to earn money as a translator as soon as possible, I did not stay at universtiy to pursue an career in academia but put all effort into looking for salaried employments where I could put into practice what I had learnt in my translator training and be paid for it rather than staying at university and help an old professor getting more laurels, more money, more tax money to spend. It was my own decision to not pursue a career at a university but to join the workforce, to take my fate into my own hands and to make money with what they had taught me. I wanted to work and have my own money to spend, to save, to invest; I wanted to have control over my money that I worked for. It was an inexplicable 'it's now or never' feeling inside me to double-check and test whether their lessons could be applied to the hardcore translation reality outside of a strictly state-controlled classroom environment and whether their teaching could stand the transition from a purely academic "we told you so" and from for the promises our teachers gave that if we worked hard and if we behaved, whether all of this would be translated into the realms of the free market economy which we then became a part of. Sort of a reality check. So, the graduations hang on the wall. But they never really helped us at all. No, they really never taught or told us what was real. And I'm living here in this ailing town. And it's getting very hard to stay.
Yes, I admit it, the sceptic has won. They killed the motivation with too many lies.
Resulting from my endeavours to find salaried jobs I was at first working in smaller in-house language jobs in Germany first as a langauge assistant and later as a working student, then packed the wagon,


left Germany and moved abroad with other hopefuls (experiencing our very own 'translation road movie') to work as what you'd now refer to as "migrant workers" (not different than others flocking to their country, we are all ending up in production where, as an alien, immigrant and migrant, you are not being awarded the word, remember you have no say in a foreign country) so immigrants to their country in translation departments as well as in the software localization industry with various employers more or less as a stranger in a strange land first as an intern, leading to a contracted loan employment through staffing agencies and private recruiters, and, finally, also in a permanent employment until at the end of 2003 the decision to resolutely follow the path as a self-employed freelance translator matured and became reality while still being abroad. I've reached a point where it just couldn't go on like that, in that circumstances, in that situation in the given context. Fahrerwechsel

Or, in more simpler words: We all deeply regretted having moved abroad, paid all that money for gas, rent, house hunting, settling in, becoming settlers which cost everyone of us huge sums of money but ultimately they lured us all into a word price trap. We all deeply regretted to have spent so much, having made so much efforts to only find out they'd pay us measly cent prices per word. All three of us remigrated deeply saddened, filled with grief about this rip-off.

westward ho!

In early autumn 2004, I moved back to Germany, the country of my mother tongue, where I have since been working as a self-employed freelance translator as I realised my time abroad had come to an end and they did not, could not did not want to offer any good future prospects. I starved until I had only money left to buy my return ticket back home. They let me bleed out financially although I spent about half a year writing applications, going to the state unemployment centers, going to job interviews, asking around, basically trying to get any salaried job again. Since I was frowned upon by all everywhere I had to leave their country. I remember one particular sour job interview where they let me do all those questionaires to test my tech savyness, do test translations and then I was sent to the headhunter's office only to be told that I am not good enough. But they will let you do it for free. They test you and send you away. You will fail. It is their foremost aim. But believe me, you wouldn't want to work for that old British dragon who ran the agency in London. Think of your worst mother-in-law nightmare. This is what you get as a boss. And a servant to that dragon as the networks guy. I had a bad bad feeling right from the first moment I stepped into that office: A halfway finished, semi-furbished office space with clingfilm still over the reception area. something built fast, like they put up 'nail houses" in China. So, the first feeling I got was that this California based owners put the pressure on the British staff who in turn do not make a secret out of it that all they do is building up a hardcore business steered from Californian owners and investors. You simply cannot trust American businesses and business leaders anymore, neither can yo trust British managers being enslaved to Americans. They will divert the pressure down to you. Top to bottom priciple. And remember: Nobody wants you when you're down and out.

That was with Communicare, a California-based agency who had their small office near Battersea power station with close ties and focussing on medical and pharma clients which has been sold in the meantime to a franchise agency chain (this Communicare name does not exist anymore). The people I applied with were no longer with them when I contacted them again to see whether they have at least freelance jobs (10 years later). Needless to say, nobody knows me from having applied in early 2000 as they have not let me into their supplier's database. In England, girls are being preferred to be let into jobs rather than men, as if they want to drive men out of the country and let them fight, conquer, explore for the Crown, for Britain etc. I went there only to be dissed later and been asked questions which had nothing and absolutely nothing to do with the job itself (whether I know of how to install trados in a network) I think they just took revenge on me being German for trados making agencies their slaves. And trados being a German company, Anglo agencies who are forced into buying into trados' licencing scheme take revenge on you being the German translator. Americans against the Brits, Brits take it out on Germans for bombarding them with trados, trados marketing to every single participant in this cirucus that their software is the be-all end-all remedy to all ailments in translation. The agencies take revenge on you being German, for the war, for lost football matches, for better cars, food, houses, simply for us being Germans and for having introduced trados into the world of translation. But I had nothing to do with trados and you can read about it all that I am so against cat tools and trados in particular. Be British/English will never fit in, they will always want to have it their way. Brexit is healthy as learning the hard way for hard characters is the only way to go. The Americans will teach them when they break up all ties with us here in Europe and want to pledge allegiance to the flag of the US. Maybe they can try rule over Americans again. Here in Europe the British have become more than just a nuisance and comedians, they make my life hard. And what do we get from this? Conflicts. Conflicts between industrialised nations, between agencies and end clients, between translators and agencies, between trados and all others. Everyone wants to exercise control over others. They lure you with jobs and projects but they only want to find victims they can take revenge for having been killed by trados, their processes or by another one who was in control beforehand.

Has any other translator who applied with sdl trados, communicare in London (near the Battersea power station) or with any other agency made similar experiences? That you are used, abused, told off, rejected and dissed by them and their staffing agencies or headhutners? That you are getting deprived of your basic rights under various articles of the law, being disenfranchised?

What I really do ask myself and I put this question out to others: Is all the revenge still a revenge on us, younger generations, for all mistakes done in the past by the elderly who were then in power, who were waging wars and burning taxpayers' money, the money that the younger generation now has to earn again for reconstruction or for a new war?

In another instance, same procedure, doing all the tests, they simply let me hang for too long and I did not hear from them in three weeks so that they showed me that they are in control as employers and I am the beggar begging for paid work but in fact they let me hung out to dry and loose my money paying the rent until I had no more money. I much later got wind of the fact that this employer I applied with, SDL in Maidenhead, actually made all inhouse translators to have a rough decision over whether they wanted to stay in the UK and go freelance on their own being supplied (or not) with jobs from SDL but having to pay health insurance etc. on their own or they are fired from the UK offices or be transferred back to Germany where they ought to built up their German offices. SDL as you all know has a very very hardcore reputation in the industry with bugfixing their trados tool which they acquired from Stuttgart original trados. I later had the chance to work for SDL as a freelancer and they then did supply me with jobs at the lowest possible pay until I came across a young gun project manager who, can you believe it, did not allow me to do my work as a translator properly as he demanded dimension conversions in a building project, in a translation of a technical text, not be done. I had long arguments with him that he is not in a position to judge or decide how I ought to do my work as it is MY responsibility to deliver the quality. And I am in charge of to decide what I have to do to deliver the quality. He did not change his position claiming that his superior did not say,allow or instruct that measurements are to be converted to the metric system (which is applicable for Germany, even if you come as a British builder to build some house in Germany you MUST use the metric system! There are some fixings, connectors also measured in inches (e.g. when installing a radiator or heating) but for the usual building materials the metric system is being used in Germany. If you buy lumber, pipings, fixings etc. nobody will sell you goods measured in inches.) This argument with escalated as the young gun project manager, Mr. Pascha (he surely will remember and I'm not afraid to name him personally here as it was ME who paid the final price of loosing income with wasting time for such robots. They do not want to see that SDL helps cheap products from overseas being imported into Germany where inches and metric systems do not harmonize. SDL refuses to protect the German economy by pushing forward the nonsense order of leaving inches on products in the German market. We will not accept inches! We build it in the metric system. SDL wants to stubbornly act against the German handycrafts and builders but promotes foreign calculation systems to be imported, used and build in a market which is not the target market. Think about it. This will lead to problems when you try to let alien measurements, weights and calculations into an already established and set system, society. We all had this mess with different measurements already in the medieval times. This problem has long been solved already. SDL is opening the gates to hell again. They want to wreak havoc and take your developed world back to the middle ages where completey other pirates and crooks were scamming people with double measures, false weights, imbalances when converting, etc.

We do not want this shit and mess again from your system which has already been solved and eradicated. Stop this practice and educate your staff SDL because the brake hell loose!

I will not work with Mister Pascha on any project again whatsoever and certainly will I not help him build a house with this crooked understanding of incompatible measurement system. And I will not build a house FOR HIM, no matter what, even if he'd throw his millions at me he earns at this global translation franchise chain.

We do not kneel before SDL Trados slaves who were given too much power but in fact who are given roles of importance who push idiotic orders down the pyramid towards me at the bottom! We do not kneel before inreflecting robots kicking the can down the road. We will not sell our soul to sdl and we will not kneel.

This was a perfect example of the Stanford prison experiment. I had to pull the plug and stop working for him and them sdl as they would have continued to harrass, punish and torture me. I had to say stop to SDL Trados' Stanford prison experiment and the copy of their very own version of Milgram's shock obidience experiment. It follows exactly the same lines and processes as back then in the early 70s. I throw this statement out to all of you in the translation industry, to all of you agencies and clients, intermediaries and bigwigs, chiefs and decision makers at the top:

Prove to me that you are in fact NOT using methodologies, strategies, control mechanisms as seen, applied and reported on in above psychological behavioural experiements on me, the translator. You experiment on human beings, the human translators are your victims you are conducting psychological experiments on.

Prove to me that I am wrong and you get a dictionary from me for free.

I told him I am not following illogical orders which destroy my quality translation. It pretty much went ballistic, I finished this one project but told him that I am not working for him anymore since he is not working WITH me but against me. I refused to further work on his projects and he had to find someone else he thought he can give orders to. With his 'I follow orders' attitude he is perfectly suited to be a soldier, in the force or an obidient follower of someone he feels happy to receive orders from without checking them himself but not here with me, in my translation business. When I raised this issue about his commands and illogical orders he pushed downward to me with their QA department they only tried to downplay and protect him, they did not care about my efforts, concerns and time to do my job right, they only appeased, evaded and made me the guy in the wrong. All my time and nightshifts put into their projects, having to work for such a soldier and then being rejected from their QA dpt. I pretty much had it at that point with SDL. I guess you cannot expect common sense with such a person, a soldier following orders. Since there was nothing I could rescue here I quit, cancelled all adhesion contracts I signed with them and told them off quite brutally about how they screw transed me. There was one other project which was impossible to deliver in the given time so a female proofreader who was allowed more time and money to correct my work killed me with every small mistake she could find. I had to deliver sloppy work in order to meet the deadline as otherwise they would not have paid me at all and also the good pages will not be paid as they claim it takes THEIR time to see what can be paid and what not. Catch 22. Needless to say that they do not value your time and efforts, so SDL is actually (as all agencies) building up a communist business like it is in China where time for work is not being paid. If you ever did a re-calculation of what you earn with their word prices and check against the time you invested to do terminology work, grammar and orthography check, reading into it, doing research on the net etc. all the time and what they pay you for single words I promise: I will be a real eye opener. SDL is in fact a communist Chinese franchise-based system exploiting human beings in the service sector. If anybody does not value or pay your personal lifetime, they do not respect your lifetime and your life. Somebody who does not respect your lifetime you are giving to them will make use of you, exploit and kill you. They are building up and raising killers. Just pull the plug on all SDL and trados servers, they make the world worse.

SDL pressurizes you, makes impossible to meet stipulations and pays at the cheapest possible price, hires hardcore proofreader killers who will destroy your work and thus your invoice when you have not been given the chance to deliver a satisfactory work in the first place. What you get is the bad rap and the bad rap only and there is nothing you can do about it. You are going there to do a job as best you can and not to fight over your workplace but it is exactly what it will turn to be.

Almost all translation agencies and franchise-based chains do business in that way these days. They all copy this system of pressurizing suppliers and killing them. Build up control and oppression, letting you fail and send a killer after you. This is how they establish their control system with their trados tool, gaining control in the translation industry. They will kill you after they have worn you out and when you are weak. They make you a prey and send a sniper in for the kill. This is partly modern scary tactics but mainly rather classic warfare. Entangle them into conflicts, disputes, battles until they are worn out, weak, have spent resources, time and money in battles and when they are weak, go in for the kill. By demanding unrealistic, illogical and nonsensical stipulations and ordering a "do or die" behaviour they put the pressure onto you, let you fail, entangle you in a conflict until you have to fight and surrender since their money is bigger in the bank. You learn the hard way afterwards that they superimpose an artificial control system onto you, you defend yourself, they let you fail, they go in for the kill. Like fox hunting, a common pasttime for the aristocracy. Hunting down shy animals in the woods owned by lords and aristocrats, riding on horses bred in stables owned by aristocrats. Their way of staying in power and kill for pleasure. Or betting on races and helping the bookmakers earn money with betting on jockeys who, guess what, are financed by the aristocrats. All money you let them agencies earn will be put back to the rich and aristocrats and they will spend it on killing, private or on a higher state level, to pump into military spending. Do not be fooled. The biggest portion of money will be spend on military, regardless of what parties tell you because the military and police, as all controlling employers are the biggest employment sector for the male workforce. If you do not get a job anywhere as a man, police, military, traffic wardens etc. will always employ you. We now see this rise in Germany of police forces being stacked up in numbers, military spendings going through the roof. Kill is their answer. The rich, wealthy and mighty always want you to fight for them so that they stay in power. A wrong understanding of the conservatives and traditionalists, families etc. who do not accept change as it is then them who have to change their lifes. They want others to kill for them so they can have their comfy lifes. The translation industry has become a place where they kill for pleasure. Modern warfare where you loose: money, time you worked for them, loosing the arguments which they then keep and re-make to use for another kill yet again. They will always be the killers, we will always be killed. Welcome to the real world of translation where you might think you are the sly fox clever enought to hide in the woods but actually they have already begun to hunt you fox down. They do not want clever foxes they want obidient soldiers, slaves, servants for the state - for THEIR idea of a state. I have so much lost my heart in this Germany and in other modern industrialized countries. Machine, cold, kill, control. It is their method to sort through society and put you into a drawer with a certain label on it. When they then know what label you have been tagged with, a fox or a hunter, obidient or courageous, master, leader or servant, tee or coffee, they will counteract to keep you in that drawer. Beware of being put into the same drawer as the dirty laundry of those who put you there! They will not sheer away to frame you and encumber you with crimes you have not committed. If needed they put you into a lunatic asylum or into jail to make you stumm, arguing that you are a rebel. Rocking in a free world? You have never been free.

SDL Trados has become the first and foremost main evil single player in the industry. And all others new to the market copy their strategy. If you have ever experienced a job interview with SDL, being grilled by three women in the interview (one of which was actually from another and competing grammar school I was attending back then, a long time ago, from my same town, I told them in the interview straight in their faces that SDL is known for being a sweatshop and has a bad reputation among former staff and freelancers, was she crossed because I told them what they did not want to hear or was there still old animosity arising from competing schools? Then, further down in the assessment being evaluated by a younger female (blonde, about my age, with an ego too strong for a position to judge over my life; I will never let a girl rise to a position where she can destroy my life with unjustified arguments over translations with clear proof and evidence that she was brainwashed by SDL policies and "raise productivity instead of delivering quality translations". I don't even know whether she was a translatoress herself or what made her be in that 'linguistic lead role' with SDL. Brainwashed blondes out of HR; Other branches of SDL, up north in Yorkshire is no better, same bad rep and bad feedback about how they run their offices and processes is being voiced from the north as well. SDL is creating real problems in the industry, SDL being run by a super-rich bitch, directing in the background all their slaves to satisfy investors and shareholders. Maybe some real man has the courage to brief the British courts and let this super-rich bitch know via the courts what kind of shithole SDL has become and how they destroy translator's lifes - Somebody MUST brief them!) who at one time says my translation is too linear (when I tried to adhere to the TM entries as best I could) and in another instance claims I am too wordy, romantic and too far off the translation memory entries (for parts of a fantasy role playing game, think the old Advanced Dungeons & Dragons from SSI where exactly trying to find a good mix of fiction, prose and ancient language forces you to NOT read the TM entries but to write as freely as you can; still, whatever you do they'll always resent you), let me hanging on with whether or not they do want to employ me while I am running out of money (I had to leave Maidenhead where I stayed after 4 weeks not having received an answer from them basically letting me run out of money and them not wanting to make a decision to employ me or give me jobs on a freelance basis at that point) and then get similar arguments when working for them as a freelancer a good ten years later, you know what I mean. Especially the grilling felt more like they had three women (one actually being German) to act as witnesses in a trial my word against theirs so they could counter-protect what each one asked me. A younger German as the evaluator and an older German in the HR dpt. Three Germans on three different levels in the grilling against me. I cannot be more rejected by my own German race while all were in the same boat as expats. Do they think they get a rich British man as a partner so they do not allow their own countrymen in? Only they would know but surely would they not tell you the truth.

I felt a lot like being interrogated by a group of Stasi women or a by a tribunal of intelligence as if I have to justify why I am seeking work and want to earn money. I must say in this context that I applied after having worked in a coprorate for some time so maybe they were extra cautious (or maybe even afraid of me?). I came from an American company and applied to a then British owned (now it is German-British) company. As always, as a translator, interpreter you are an intermediary and get the bashing for being in that middleman position and this is exactly what this grilling felt like - being the in-between person who was eyed upon. American against British. Corporate versus agency chain. Corporate with different investors and shareholders versus private-owned investors trying to play the stockmarket and lure investores into buying sdl shares to bolster up their finances and raise sdl values at the stock exchange whereas in fact they were burning shareholders money to make it appear to credit-giving banks how rich they are. I so much hate this American versus British mentality, this is all your problems and your attitudes and I hate being checked for on which side I stand and which one I prefer and choose, I simply wanted to earn money with you sdl folks did not made possible. I still hate you for that, had I to pay rent, deposit, costs for moving etc. SDL does not build up translators or teams of humans but rather especially women to become evaluators, assessors and on the board of HR and interviewing, during the grilling process. They do not want to hire and build staff, they give people in control (be it men or women, mostly womenn) the chance to fully enjoy their emancipation harrassing and controlling staff and translators, crushing, patronizing, critizing their work,their timekeeping, their spending time on projects ultimately and leading to killing them. This did not change when I worked freelance for them, having given an impossible to meet deadline for a difficult project only for a female proofreader based in Hamburg to kill me on the second page. An experiences proofreader who knew how the system worked and still accpeted the kill mission. Seniority of a supervisor does not mean to kill the younger ones. You can only reach seniority if you LEAD and PROTECT. This is the only thing which awards you being a translator. Only if you are able to protect a younger one you are worth bearing the professional job description "translator". Anyting else, as seen above is kill, harrassment, taking revenge on others for having been killed yourself. I have seen such harrassment of male employers a lot in Great Britain, with agencies, large corporates as well as private businesses alike. In England, men do suffer from female emancipated bosses with no real arguments, with no real interpersonal or management skills, with no means of solving problems but still acting as superiors in control and supervisory positions. Of course, hordes of feminists are now being sent after me killing me to speak openly for that remark. Possibly it is the other way around and female staff gets treated badly in Germany by male bosses? I don't know - YOU English females tell ME. Have you females been treated not well by male bosses in Germany? What's it working as a foreigner in a German company? I can't say anything on this as I was not dissatisfied with my male and female bosses when I was working here in Germany. But times have changed. People change. What was true twenty years ago might not apply today anymore. I was told at one point that I was too skinny and too polite - times have changed and I gained weight again and have done everything I could to shed my "nice boy" persona, trying to be more manly. If you are not being a nice boy anymore punishment will apply for adult bad behavour.

Oh, have I mentioned that you SDL folks need not dare to look at me, let alone speak to me. There is not a single word you get from me anymore. The reason I am bashing sdl so much is because of their aggressive marketing of their tool, their going around to unis (as they did with our uni) to proselytize and find new disciples. I now know that the guy having tried to get new souls and hire for sdl was only allowed to go freelance and get freelance jobs if he presented new flesh to the beast. Beware of the beast and the servants serving them. Beware of the one who brings your daughter to the slaughter!

I had to kill my contract with them as they make my life hell and did not let me work as I should. Now, I can pretty much well argue, make my point and explain, I dare not imagine how young female translator students break down in tears when they get such bad project managers. Their parents probably tell them, do something else and send their girls to the next university. SDL has proven to me that they do really deserve their bad image and reputation. And there is nothing they can do to reverse that with me as it is now burnt into my conscience. This this current system in place and enforced upon us you will not be able to protect your partner, girl, wife or family as it will not allow you to protect yourself in the first place. This industry does not protect you or your life, it won't allow you to have a sustained income but it will destroy relationships, marriages, families. Do not think you can life by translating forever. This is not a sustainable business model, it only and solely benefits others (agencies which act as traders and merchants of words, only to enlarge their franchise chains). You can as well work for a fast food chain and get about the same pay.

I have, over the years, collected so many bad experiences, with big translation agencies, like SDL, the bigword, Jonckers, and all those names and players in the industry but also with smaller businesses who try to become big. It always reached a point and it basically boils down to the fact that they work against me instead of helping me to deliver a translation, allowing enough time, putting me under pressure with deadlines, with their budget, with unrealistc and idiotic stupulations. They all think I am a slave for their pharaos. They all treat you like a machine, a machine you can swith on, give orders and swith off again. They do kill your human translator inside. I stopped working for those, cancelled all contracts I have signed and told them to f... off. You cannot allow them control when in control they pressurize and kill you, you personally, your health, your business.

You cannot allow them to have control over you because they will make you a slave for their purposes. They force you into either starting up a business and mini agency yourself, forcing you into buying group licences or full packages of their trados software and pushing you into sub-sub-sub contracting work. They break up the workflow and the projects until there is nothing to earn left. But they sold their software licences. This is a common practice in big US software corporates. I guess software developers and engineers who were made redundnat brought that knowledge into the translation industry and have sincd then spread the virus. It is not about translation it is about you, the translator, is made to a slave to their licences. If you don't update to latest trados versions, they will cut the workflow. So, then you spent all your money or your parents' money on a licence which is of no use anymore. SDL forces you into their licence system, with the money they get from licences sold, they pay new hordes of programmers and s/w engineers who in turn develop the latest software. You get the idea? You are a slave to a software geek and they make you a slave to buy more only to be made a follower to them having the first mover advantage of a product in a specific market sector (here it is the licencing of trados and the promise they sell you to get more work and to make a living - just like a bad priest promising to cure by spiritual healing...). This is what Scientology does! SDL a branch of Scientology? The sytematic is exactly the same. If you have stuck to this industry like me and walked the way I walked you know what I'm taling about.

Young language students, translators, parents BEWARE of the beast! Even when I was at uni they actively advertised trados, invited trados sales people and boosted sales of their trados cat software. It was actually a part on the curriculum to pass using trados on various levels. trados bought themselves into the state controlled educational sector (which I went through), think about close ties between state, trados, educational sector and the industry, just where they force you to use trados and being made a slave to their licencing system to benefit trados, the tax and state revenues again. Think it through how this ball rolls around then you're on my wavelength. It is actually state superimposed practices to get trados into the head of students who will become later consumers to pay. It is the state who makes you pay although it is contrary of traditional values, ideas and the way you go about when translating. The state makes you a trados machine! Exit strategy for this enslavement on all levels, state, industry, agency system? Go program a cat tool yourself but you still have to fight the beast as trados is widely used and the market leader. Until you built up a new re-distribution system with a new software the existing one (trados) has enslaves many many small businesses in second and third world countries who in turn run out of business. Trados is being made to help the state milk the businesses, translators, other states. Trados was devised in Germany in the capital of machine industry Stuttgart. From the metropolis of machines to made human translators machines. You work for a machine to be build by becoming a machine yourself. When you are worn out, burnt out, thrown away, they will make you a public official where you get trados, proz and all that oppressive methodologies again. I have actually talked to public officials who asked me whether I have a profile on proz and how much I charge for a word of translating a marriage certificate, divorce decree etc. Trados and proz has infiltrated and undermined public administration. Even some courts in Germany have lists in their purchasing dpts which translators' names and what they charge for a word of hardcore difficult legal translations of lawsuits. Beware of the beast! They are forced by superior state levels to save save save money and expenditures but at the same time try to buy cheap down at the bottom basically contradicting themselves and the JVEG (the court reimbursement act) they ought to follow. IT will not take long until this epidemic spreads throughout administration and public official offices. Germany is becoming a communist Chinese or Asian system. Your grandchildren will not understand in 20 years' time when the machine has overturned the system. You say I am talking rubbish because all parties involved make it better and improve our state, society, system? Well, then I must have ended as a satisfied, well-off, married man with a family, a steady income, a feeling of security etc. which is not the case. In the past 20 years I have been the sole survivor in this industry it has all for me become less safe, loss of protection (industrial, state, client side), loss of income, lack of ongoing projects on all levels (money, payment of my bills from clients, bad payment moral, projects, unpaid overtime to get the difficult stuff done etc etc.).

Nothing is getting better, they do make it all worse!

My last money bought me a ticket back home where I started with no money at all in my account. The next day of my return I applied to get food stamps and go to soup kitchens so that at least I could have a warm meal. My mom told me off badly of how much weight I had lost. I must have looked really like a shadow of myself. Later, with the help of a small one-off micro financing aid package from the German state paid to pioneering start-up businesses I was able to do some marketing, attracted some small jobs, then a few more and so on. This was really a small amount, not a big check you might imagine and in return I had to leave the German welfare benefit and unemployment system and they had stopped paying me unemployment benefits and any social benefits. From that point in 2004 I was on my own with no state money at all, no subsidies, nothing at all. Imagine being broke in China and starting to build up with nothing at all. You will literally have to learn to live off a dollar a day which buys you a handfull of rice, or a soup or a drink. I am not exaggerating. It really was like that. I then worked ten years with 14 to 16 hours days, glad if I could go outside for a walk in the evening. Youngsters, be warned! Do not go into translation it will break you.

With my return to Germany my former translation business "MJK Translations" that I had officially registered with them abroad was closed down and deleted in the chamber of commerce's register of active and trading translation businesses. This former business now is dormant and inactive but it is not for sale. And to brush off all rumours: That name had nothing to do with the British "his majesty, the king" or with the insignia of the Bavarian king Max I. Joseph but are, in fact, the initials of my first, second and third name. I found out much later that this abbreviation has royal annotations which I stress was not my intention to be affiliated with. I did not do it for any king or sovereign. I did it myself and only for myself.

Needless to say that after my return I was rejected by all the contacts and clients which I built up while being abroad since I was not in their country, not in their system anymore. Part of my dream I was once dreaming crushed brutally as I thought I could at least keep my contacts and clients I worked for and continue to work for them on a freelance basis. Not true. They will not supply you with jobs. If you start applying with new employers in your native country they do not care what's on your résumé. 'You've been abroad to brush up and fine-tune your English? We have a secretary who speaks four languages fluently and translates our stuff dialy plus she is doing all correspondence, arranging travels etc. Why would we be interested in a one-trick pony translator? We don't need you...' is what I've heard constantly from German companies when I applied. Whatever you do abroad, enjoy it while you can because it doesn't count anymore later on. Data, information, skills, company names on your CV? Just forget about it. Nobody cares. Nobody is interested in what you did or for whom you worked. They really don't.

Don't believe in these internet trolls who try to promise you something and how they value your experience. They do lure you into more being sucked out and milked, they will use your contacts against you and undercut prices to get the clients, get the projects only for their benefits. Beware of internet trolls and pied pipers! I have learnt that a lot of sons and daughters are supplied with projects from the companies their fathers or mothers work for, so there is ad who do not have to do any marketing but who are supplied by their father's employers or get projects through other ties (be it family, state, political ties). Welcome to nepotism Germany where the industry and certain wings favour their kids and let them rise and where others who are at a disadvantage will be left for dead due to lack of secret supply of money, projects. I could not have learnt it better the hard way how corrupt this country is and how widespread nepotism is and how interwoven industry, politics, officials, money, banks work only for their benefits. I have now understood what nepotism is. I have seen and have been told by different independent sources and eye-witnesses how big figures in public administration actually bypass the laws and just take majors' wifes for actual interpretation assignments. I am now writing lawsuits against misdeeds and undermining the law from public figures and no law firm is helping me. In fact, some of them who I told this, think I shall rather have a psychiatrist see me to check wheather I am not going insane. I get no help from lawyers. i am being disenfrachised and I see my personal rights as a citizen and small business being curtailed. I do not get any money from the state, from parties, from above. I am an independent part of the free market economy. And this unbiased position now allows me to see how much nepotism, fraud, betrayal and mafia-like structures are in the system. With people you trusted. With people and high ranking figures you once voted for. If I am bypassed and cut off and see that to a major extent this boils down to projects, money and assignments being distributed among state officials and that to a major part secret and fixed arrangements have been made behind the stage of who gets projects and who not then I lose my faith in you, Germany. Why are corporate managers being sued in court for illicit giving or receiving money and secret arrangements to win projects over when the same is happening and is common practice in the administration?

I asked all the law firms, explained and asked for help. I am being rejected and disallowed any help to defend my innocence. The same lawyers will rise to judges and become part of the state system. What would you do if the state blackmails you and you are forced to pay fees, health insurance, court fees etc. until the point of going bankrupt?

Since my return I had to build up everything once again in Germany. And believe me, it is twice as hard trying to attract projects from machine and industrialised Germany, the land where machines rule. After my return the biggest blow I got is when I learnt how this country which I once called my native country is bullying you, is using and abusing you. I was offered no jobs or permanent inhouse positions by the state unemployment services but instead I was hidden away in nonsensical courses of further education which were really just to catch my breath and which only helped the state to conceal the unemployment rate as you are then not counted as being unemployed but in a "further education". The state does not want to let the public know that the siutation is much worse on the labour market and wants to only paint it in shiny bright colours. After this course of further education I was not offered any salaried work, no permanent or part-time employment, nothing.

It was a complete waste of time and money. Nothing what I had done and no efforts achieved in this course and which I can now put on my résumé did yield any results in my on-going applying for jobs. Therefore, I started all over again and did marketing myself, contacted companies, applied with various sectors etc. just to get my foot on the ground again. The state uses people, they do whitewash statistics and make you stumm. They do pressurize you to take on any job or accept a further education, if you refuse to follow their command they cut your unemployment benefits. Since I did not follow their orders I had to work hard from the ground up to pay for the marketing myself. The state I once was awared my leaving certificate from did use and abuse me for their own purposes, they did not help, and still do not help.

It is rather quite the contrary.

They want to make you a public official or a obidient stumm machine in their administrative machine, helping political parties or unions. They do not allow you to build up yourself and they will always critize you and punish you. I have now realized how brutally dominant and dictatorship-like this Germany has become. I am pledging to seek asylum in another country. I do not want to live in this country Germany anymore. This is not my native home country. This has become dead, cold, machine, brutal. I have stopped going to elections and casting my vote since they turn on the pressure on me. From all sides, be it institutions in control, be it the right, the left, conservatives, democrats, socialists, from companies, affiliates of the green and others. I cannot favour one side or exclude on specific party as I get the bashing from them all. Why should I trust a complete stranger in politics and help them get money, playtime for future 4 years whereas I get the bashing upfront? Remember: I am an independent, a freelance business with no protection since I am not part of the system. They put me under more checks, scrutiny and surveillance than they'd do with others within the system. I won't be granted access to subsidies, state money or the like - if you think of building up a business with me, forget it - they will not allow us doing it! A lot of industry sectors are interwoven with a certain political colour. They think being a translator and intermediary automatically makes me to think, live and vote for democrats or socialists. This is not the case with me, for me my work is a paycheck which pays my bills and a warm meal - I do not think in political colours! People in Germany, Germans especially are so addicted to their political battles, so focused and looking upward to their leaders, political, corporates whatever leaders like a cobra being hypnotised by the guy playing the flute, everyone wants you to choose a side and be in one army - I just work to earn money to make a living - not interested in being proselytized by lobbyists and people trying to destroy me just to use my experience, resources and knowlegde to benefit their aims, not mine and surrender all my freedom, decision making, clients and be under their whip! You don't give me translations - go away, there is no trust to give away for free here with me. A lot of my time now goes into defending myself against illegit treatment by public officials, Beamten and Behörden. And I thought the most difficult thing in this hell-of-a-job was just to get an ongoing income and steady clients and projects and prove every time over and over again that I can deliver quality- the quality they want!

In case you did not understand: You are on your own! Nobody helps you, everybody wants to befriend you and be profiteers from your business.

They will milk you only for as log it benefits THEM. It doesn't matter who you work for, private, industry, corporates, the state. They will destroy you and leave you bleed to death. You will end up at the very bottom with food stamps and no income, no work, no perspective. And you know what? Even if you take matters to court and fight your way through, regardless of whether you win or loose, you will stay at the same point and the only thing is that you gave all information and experience to a court or judge who in return will only benefit from the information to enrich, protect and isolate THEIR families and offsprings. All you do in life, in all your battles will only benefit the rich, the powerful, the influentials, the judiciary, the state. Do not think for a second that you get something from them. They only enrich themselves and do not give anything back. My heart is torn. There is no justice. JUdges, the police, public officials, revenue offices emcumber me. I get pressure from all these sides. The state kills me and makes me a criminal in the papers. I feel a bit like Willie Nelson when he recorded his 'IRS tapes' back then.
Why does the German state want to kill me? Why do they want to put me in jail? Why do they encumber me on all these levels?
This has gone too far.
I am pledging for asylum in another country as my own country is actively punishing me. They have marked me as an enemy of the state and I don't know why. Has anyone an abandonded farm with a small patch of land to give away where I can start all over again so I can grow potatoes, beans, kraut, fruits and tomatoes and have something to eat? Fruit and veggie farm, no animal farm. I want to be far far away from this monster state and have peace. I won't find it here anymore.


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